It's all Greek to me!!(part four)


 ANALYSIS gr. Analyo =decompose. 1. Separation of something into its constituents.
2. Examination in depth.  Opposite: Synthesis.

BASIS gr. Basis = essential principle, necessary ground for discussion etc.

BASE gr. Basis=, support, 2. Substance  reacting with an acid to give a salt.

CLASS gr. Klasis = summons for citizens, then first rank, excellence.

DIPLOMA gr. Diploma = folded piece of paper. Certificate, degree.

GRAMMAR gr. Grammatike (Gramma=letter). The whole of the rules which apply to the structure of language.

METHOD gr. Methodos = way of doing things.

PAPER gr. Papyros=papyrus.

PRACTICE gr. Pratto=act. Mode of acting, application, exercise.

SCHOOL gr. Scole=study, teaching.


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